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Monday, August 23, 2010

Turning Forty

So, this is it. This is how it feels like - entering the forties.

Looking back, there are no regrets. I would like to thank God for a beautiful life and the countless blessings - the greatest of those blessings - Uma - my wife, a wonderful companion. Uma has shown me the true meaning of 'living life'. She's built a world for me filled with love and respect. I would also like to thank my parents, for the values they inculcated in me - the part of 'living right'; my brother and sister who support me through thick and thin; my teachers and gurus who had the patience to answer all my questions and yet fuel my curiosity further; and to all my friends. who have always been around. I would also like to thank Amma [ Wikipedia ] for her teachings.

I know six of my friends have birthday's today. Wishing Aditya, Archana, Madhusudan, Nagen, Ram Narayan, and Shahana, a very happy birthday.

As I wander through the journey of life, I look at it in (child-like) amazement and curiosity. I am reminded of the opening lines of the song - 'Higher Ground' [ Wikipedia ] -

Every hour of every day I'm learning more

The more I learn, the less I know about before

The less I know, the more I want to look around

Digging deep for clues on higher ground

Feeling younger! Cheers!



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