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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A trip to the Delaware Water Gap

On May 5th, we (Aashish Patel, Ashish Singh, me and Uma) drove to Delaware Water Gap. This was an impromptu trip.

We had planned to visit the Rockaway Mall near Dover, when Aashish suggested that driving to the Delaware Water Gap could be a better way to spend the evening.

The drive was beautiful. Some low-res pictures from the phone ---

Ashish and me were the first to be on the pictures.

Uma joined us for the pictures

Ashish wanted a few pictures to send back to India

Me and Uma take a walk on the grass.

Aashish and Uma discussing about Tiffany diamonds and cajoling me to buy some...

Finally, the discussions end in favor of Tiffany's

Aashish was the one with the camera. And surprisingly, he is not on any of the pics here.


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